A joint venture of the WAWM Family Resource Center and the WAWM Chamber of Commerce
Have fun being a girl!
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Mission Statement:

Our Mission through the Sisterhood of West Allis Club is to provide leadership in our community to encourage young girls to be strong, self-confident, independent and proud of who they are as individuals and happy in their own skin.

The Sisterhood will raise funds and secure sponsors for events and activities that promote programs for young girls.  The Sisterhood will provide mentorship for young girls in our community and help to support the relationships between young girls and their mothers (or mother-figures).

The Sisterhood will collaborate with those businesses and organizations in the community that have programs for girls and help to bring these valuable resources to as many girls as possible.

The focus of the Sisterhood of West Allis Club will also be to have fun being “girls” and meeting to support each other, laugh out loud, maybe cry a few tears, but most of all to enjoy life as a “girl”.

Co-Founders:  Diane Brandt and Joanie Luedke
Important Information:
Updated 1/18/2012